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加拿大藉華人藝術家Kirk Cheng進行花藝創作超過十年,曾為酒店、各大品牌活動、名人婚禮等製作花藝裝置藝術作品。他在多倫多完成時裝設計學位後,於倫敦花藝學府Constance Spry深造花藝,在這兩個藝術專業的薰陶下,令他的作品別樹一格。

Kirk Cheng於2015年舉辦了三次個人展覽,創造了三個不用主題的花藝裝置藝術,分別為於Above Second Gallery 的「花藝・不息 (Circle of Life)」,Fine Art Asia的「花藝・逆置 (Inversion)」,及 Popsy Room 的「Antithesis: A Festive Affair」。

Kirk Cheng 於2016年作出了新嘗試, 和來自台灣的攝影師好友Teddy Tzeng舉辦了一個花卉攝影展「Essence of Life」,利用花朵去表達人生的基本情感,把置身於花卉裝置藝術中的模特兒們,用攝影機捕捉下來。2016年12月,更和Cartier 舉辦名為「The Red Box」的花卉藝術展覽,以抽象的方式用花卉去把Cartier的夢幻世界呈現於Cartier太子大廈的精品店當中。

舉辦個人展覽,讓Kirk不受任何束縛的環境下,發揮他的想像力和創意,把他腦海中的花花世界呈現出來。每一朵鮮花都形態獨特,有其特色, Kirk不但只是創作者,更是展覽空間內生命循環的催化劑。Kirk想要創作一個觀眾可以體驗的空間,種下「記憶中一件永不磨滅的無形物件。」Kirk希望觀眾從繽紛的色彩、柔柔的植物和平靜的音樂間中,喚醒平日刻板的生活,延緩老化的過程,在忙碌的生活中停一停,欣賞大自然的美,更希望觀眾在展覽帶走的不只是鮮花的香氣,而是對自我重新認識。


The Canadian-Chinese artist Kirk Cheng has been creating floral masterpieces for over a decade, from installations for hotels and brands to commissions for private clients. His unique background in fashion and floral design makes him a highly sought after commercial artist – after completing his fashion degree in Toronto, Cheng studied event and floral design in the prestigious London college Constance Spry, where he graduated with honours. His work has been showcased in floral shops such as Stephen Woodhams, Louis Woodhouse and Jane Parker, and he has decorated a plethora of public spaces across Asia and Europe, including Pacific Place, Heritage 1881, Hysan Place, Wynn and Venetian Macau, and with world leading fashion brand such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co, Versace, Panerai, Escada, and Piguet.Cheng has been featured in Ming Pao and Home Journal and was invited to speak as a guest on a TVB talk show. This is his first solo show with Above Second gallery.

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Creative customized floral arrangements that give vitality to any space. Our team is dedicated to perfection and are professional who are able to bring out personality, style and taste.

We use internationally delivered flowers and plants, artisan silk, and fresh, fake and dried flowers to create unique masterpieces.

Kirk is based mainly in Hong Kong and China, but is ready to travel anywhere in the world to provide optimal service.

Consultation, sketch, sample, delivery, and execution can be done from three days to a month subjective to project size.

For long term client, we provide periodic flower delivery service for permanent spaces.