Jessica Magazine Cover Shoot


Issue 825 (31.7.2015)

Shoku Restaurant & Bar


​June 2015

The Venetian Macao


​March 2014

Victoria Secret

瑞士高級腕錶品牌愛彼錶在香港巴賽爾藝術展期間在中環加州大廈內舉行派對,Kirk Cheng親自設計了一條鮮苔隧道,由電梯一直延伸到由法國藝術家Mathieu Lenhanneur設計的「Mineral Lab」收藏家區,加上使用了煙霧效果,配合Alexandre Joly負責的聲音特效,營造出神秘而懸疑的氣氛。愛彼錶表示此裝置將視覺和聲音完美配合,探索人類對自然、科技和環境的觸覺、想像力、美感和倫理關係。

On March 13th, 2015 Audemars Piguet commissioned a party to be held in the California Tower in honour of the 2015 Hong Kong Art Basel. It was artist Kirk Cheng that designed and executed the moss tunnel from the elevator into the collectors lounge entitled “Mineral Lab” which was designed by French artist Mathieu Lenhanneur. Along with use of fog machines and a sound collaboration by Alexandre Joly, Kirk was able to convey a feeling of mystery and suspense. Audemars Piguet says that this installation predominately combines the visual with sound, which explores the sensory, imaginary, aesthetic and ethical relationships that a man holds with nature, technology and the environment.

 2014年3月14日,Kirk Cheng在澳門威尼斯人酒店展出以「愛的花園」為題製作的大型玻璃容器花藝作品,以花表達心中永恆的愛。他在密封的玻璃容器內創造出潮濕的環境,有水循環系統和自給自足的生態系統,讓其在沒有外在力量之下生存,就如愛一般茁壯成長。在金字塔型的玻璃容器內,Kirk利用不同顏色的玫瑰代表不同的愛;粉紅色是愛意和甜蜜,紅色是熱情,最後是紫色與綠色的強烈對比:紫色代表一見鐘情,而綠色代表豐盛的愛。Kirk選擇以盆景表達愛情是長遠的,孔雀代表愛的指引和將自己真實一面表現在愛情中的重要性。Kirk Cheng的花藝作品展示了愛的美好.

On March 14th, 2014 the Venetian Hotel & Resort in Macao commissioned terrariums to be built with their theme “Garden of Love” displayed inside. By building his gardens within the confines of the terrarium, Kirk Cheng was able to portray the timelessness that is love. In the pyramid terrariums, Kirk used different color displays of roses to symbolise the many kinds of love; pink to represent affection and sweetness, red to showcase passion, and finally a wonderful contrast of purple and green roses; purple to symbolise love at first sight, and green emphasizing loves abundance. The longevity of love Kirk chose to demonstrate with his bonsai piece, the presence of the peacock representing guidance and the importance of showing your true colors within the confines of love. Thus Kirk Cheng’s garden display renewed society’s vigor for the beauty that is love. 

Audemars Piguet


March 2015

Jessica Magazine photo shoot at Above Second Gallery during Kirk's exhibition "Circle of Life."

Along with having his first solo exhibition "Circle of Life" featured in the background of this shoot, Kirk was also able to make floral head dresses and bouquets to accessorize the model.

Special Thanks to Jessica Magazine and everyone on set that day.

Art Direction & Styling: Kieran Ho

Hair & Makeup: Walter Ma

Assisted by: Nickie Lau

Photography: Anson

Model: Masha



October 2015

剛於夏季全新開幕的餐廳Shoku at the Pulse,由Kirk Cheng負責設計鮮花和盆景裝置,以餐廳的現代設計、海洋色調及主打食物真正備長炭燒物為靈感。 配合Shoku的獨特風格,加入金屬和火的原素,Kirk選擇以鮮苔、石塊、錯綜複雜的樹枝和花製作迷你襌園 ,帶出自然寧靜的美。在現今的社會中,植物和花朵多用作活動、慶典、或喪禮裝飾之用;Kirk Cheng將這些生活中客易被人忽略的事物,或多數都被視作裝飾品的事物變成大眾的焦點,去改變大眾對它的印象。Kirk的色系選擇以Shoku的波浪牆身為靈感,以海浪的藍綠色作對比,他以簡單的粉紅色和橙色花朵回應,營造富有活力的對比。這個和諧自然的關係正是Shoku:周末在海灘上輕鬆地度過或是在繁華的城市中一個自在的環境,享用以營火為靈感的備長炭燒物。

To introduce the latest summer hit Shoku at the Pulse, art florist Kirk Cheng will feature live flower and plant installations which were influenced by its contemporary décor, ocean inspired color palette and authentic Binchotan charcoal grill. To bring harmony to the personality of Shoku and compliment the elements of metal and fire that are in place, Kirk has chosen to use moss, stones, and intricately placed branches and flowers to create mini Zen gardens that bring about serenity and the beauty of nature. In today’s society plants and flowers are used as a simple décor for events, celebrations, and mourning; Visionary Kirk Cheng has taken something normally overlooked in society and created an art exhibit that places the spotlight on its surrounding environment and enhancing its personality. Kirk’s color palette was inspired by Shoku’s signature wave wall, to contrast the blues and greens of the waves, Kirk used simple pink and orange flowers to create a dynamic contrast. This harmonious relationship just adds to the nature that is Shoku: a weekend beach hangout; a casual retreat from city dwelling to the beautiful beaches of the Pulse, where beach bonfire inspires the Binchotan grilling of Shoku.

Kirk Cheng - The Floral Artisan

For China's National Golden Week holiday, Kirk worked with LANVIN Paris to beautify their store space with his signature style of manipulating flowers and other plant life.

Kirk drew inspiration both from the colour scheme of Black, Burgundy, and White used by LANVIN Paris in their current collection, as well as the rope material used in certain articles of their collection, to create a flowing shape resembling a Chinese dragon .

Paying great attention to detail and form, Kirk effectively more than livened the the store front with his work.